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Friday, October 13, 2006

gloomy morning.

i woke up at 7:30 am and got up at 8:47 am.last night i slept on time and dreamed a lot.in a dream i likely in a rest room of traveling place like railway station or something likes,and worry my shoes.then in a room of VIPs,a man likely party secretary declared an bribery of a guy named zhu jiulong(nine dragon),or sounds alike,accounted to 1.9 billions.then some buy checked my radio and found 2 gold coins under its button worthed of 2 thousands.after getting up i head here,a cafe near my baby's mother's home immediately.the sky is pale and unclear,but on the corner turning to the path to my baby's mother's home i saw my shaddown on the ground on my bike.now it started to shine.i felt it will sunshine in the afternoon.
now i had 3 friends in gtalk to chat.even sometimes i doubting if i can afford it.
bye.my dear.i love u in beam.its now beams outside of the glass door of the cafe.kiss u with hot.

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