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Thursday, October 12, 2006

peaceful sunny morning.

last night i read the new borrowed computer magzines from qrrs lately and finished the three.the neighbor hooligans whistled and cracked to urge me laying myself down but i did according my own schedule after 0:30 am.god descended to me and i felt safe to rest in peace and i did indeed.i think god's leading me through after these days' being bited.i really have nothing to worry,my baby in shrine,my kingdom in thriving, my people in shiving, only the stealer in charge now shiveling.its dogs losing their paws, its spies dosing wilderings.they strived to break the links among my baby and his mother and me,but we all intact.we don't stay togather to love,but love togather to stay.its another milky late autumn morning, i was left freely to enjoy the free web service.i like it, and just need some time to familar with it.busy or free, times and times i saw god.
bye.i spent more than an hours here in the starsea cafe,customize my blog.hope u enjoy my home here.i love u.like the pure white in the sunshine.kiss u with whitewashed pale sky.

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