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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

bright sun,cloudless sky

i woke up at 8:21 am and got up at 11:23 am.last night spying eyes
trapped me for quite some time and continued even before i woke up.the
radio elaborating oil paintings collecting when i just turned it
on.that's my pastime when i was young.i love fine art and ready a day
i can pick it up again with u,with our children on we had time to
breathe freely.i some time ago had quite some collective works gallery
of famous impressionists and post impressionists,but i ditched them
when i broke my heart with the girl fang(square) when i prepared my
master degree entrance exam there in nankai.unv.,yes,i also collected
them at tianjin when i studied therre as a collegian.the morning i
fighted with spying with new and maybe higher level of skill,the spies
likely now stronger and trained.their broken web tried to trap me onto
it and smoother me.breath among men always poluted and i sometimes had
to breathe other ways.birds of the air sure nearer to god,but i had to
learn to launch now on the rock and earth.
today is a nice day,with the large and brilliant sun and clear sky.i
needn't any more warrent.the air is warm,likely brought chiller snow
days coming later.i however enjoy its warmth,now that i can partly
enjoy ur body temperature now.i look forward to u,to the wave and wind
of ur hairs,the wind and blow of ur sweat breath from ur warm armpit.i
love u,like round golden moon in these night sky.i love u like the
round cheek of the most lovable baby in the world.i love to kiss
u,kiss u red watery lips,ur kitty nosetip,i love u and kiss u now.kiss
u with sunflower brilliances ur brilliant cheek and beam.
bye.i love u.kiss u.

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