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Saturday, December 09, 2006

sunny afternoon

after posted in starsea cafe i meandered in the sunshine for about
half of an hour.the air is warm.after returned to the dorm i read
awhile 'thinking on the web' then dozed.the family of my baby's
mother's mother,likely had a prone of strong feminism,exposed its
intention in my mind.dog let me felt cold and my radio finally turned
it off automatively.after getting up i went to make water and the room
facing the lavatory leaks out blow of laughs,including girls'.i knew
some of them felt lonely and boring even in crowd and gathering.i
review my solitude in which i missed u solely,i tasted joy and pure
and saint and plenty.love in its simplest form is just losing urself
in ur admire to ur beloved.i love u and pray for u,for our bright
future.the radio was elaborating on fable when i secondly turned it
on,and then on narcism,but nothing can distract my faith in god,in my
parents,in my son.i took u as my partner,with sometimes mindless
ignorance or leting ur being,i took u as my own,with pride and
criticism,with boring and with immersed,just as the bible claimed,u r
from my body and shaped by the creator to accomplish me.i don't bother
to attend u every minute,but we r always one together anytime any
place.in every smile between us we r assurrenced; in every word
outspoken we echo soul's harmony from heaven.god let his road spiteful
and as a compensation he let u accompany me,like fountain in
desert,and like lamb in bushes.
for the reception girl at starsea dispised me by the excuse of no
charges,i haunted a farer cafe and was told its fee lowered to 1 yuan
an hour again.last time the cafes increased their charges absurd in
compliance with cop's demand.what's business with cop with cafe's
service in market place?but in china they do charged every
things,every price.that's china's promise in wto.
bye.i love u.i first time since cafe's increased charge surfed more
than an hour tonight.i hope i can enjoy web more freely.kiss u with
bright and blight.

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