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Sunday, December 03, 2006

sunny afternoon

i roamed in the garden of the dorm zone for about half and an hour in
sunshine.doubting my family,my kingdom,my god.qrrser constantly left
from the door behind me.last night i read luke of gospel lately and
much refreshed after leaving it aside.after returned to dorm i
listened radio music on bed.dog's biting.i dozed after the radio was
shut aftter 3 pm.even felt cold i still rested.and in it i knew my
baby's mother's family's intension on me and my son.but nothing can
left any dent on our free will.the royal of my family irrelavant with
nobody but god and it exists for a thousand and a hundred and nine
years.that's the rule.the rule from heaven.
my baby,this winter especially warm.but no warmth better than ur
warmth shadded in my heart and on my body.i look forward to ur red
lips and scarlet scarf near around the new year.my family warmly
welcome ur return,my long time thirst.
bye.i love u.kiss u with snow white.

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