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Thursday, December 07, 2006

brightest sunshine in early winter

so i got god's promission in double: the snow and the sun.the snow was
neatily cleaned by workers and letting me doubting if they r remnant
of previous snow,but the pour white scattered everywhere proved it
faultlessly.the sun was tiny round and demands more time before u can
see clear its burning round.i got up at 10:10 am and being bited at
once.last night i read the ebook 'thinking on the web' from
www.33367.com after 0:15 am.demons in neighbor rooms and in the tv
room near my room stayed there. in the dawn i dreamed i was told to
care my baby or the baby of my third elder sister.but i was told my
alumni gathering held in a place.i busy with something,like practising
handwriting or other,and when i held the baby left to attend the
gathering its raining.then i found the gathering just in the room on
the higher floor of the same building of our home and i returned the
left the baby at home and left.but i likely didn't find the gathering
but found my wife or my third elder sister at home complaining i
ditched the baby and let him cried into chill and soundless.my heart
was broken by sorrow and i kneeled down aside the cradle to kiss
him.but he was well after all.i was startled almost as his
encountering with silence and without cares.no matter how i sometimes
absent from my beloved,god assures us with the brilliant sun on
time.that's our being blessed.our pledge in one.
bye.i love u.like sunshine and snow white.kiss u with tear.

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