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Monday, December 04, 2006

gloomy morning,almost sunny afternoon

last night after posted and roamed in the room i suddently decided to see my baby.i arrived there about 7:30 and left there after 9:08 pm.we couple played with our baby and let him laugh a lot.the liu locked himself in the room for our baby for some time later went to waiting room to watch tv.the sisters watched there silently all time.the eldest always chose cop soup and the night they watch it.i read my blog lately to 0:43 am in the dorm.i got up at 9:42 am this morning and went to see my baby.when i arrived my baby just watching the liu and his mother and the old woman curiously and after i told him he started to play with me.he played tapwater,salt and cooking utensil.we went outside to receive his mother after 11 am.her mother watched us meeting her outside the door but i mindedly didn't speed up my step with my baby sleeping on my shoulders and she really got angered and left us behind while she returned home directly.then my baby woke up when we encountered a crowd near the elemental school aside the middle school.i bought him a toast tomato and he ate some.lunch was consisted of 2 dishs,one is fried fishes.i ate 2 bowl of rice and 2 fishes.at noon the sisters slept on the bed for our baby and my baby and his mother later slept on our bedroom.i sat on the floor enjoyed the model of a house,which is an attachment of a raiway toy of my baby.the liu watched tv aside me in the waiting room.we competed each concentration.after his mother left, my baby again played tapwater for quite some time while the sister chatted in his room.the liu later haunted outside awhile.i sang and recited chinese traditional poems till my baby boring into sleep on my shoulders.he slept about 40 minutes.at this time i peacefully thought the way of god and religion,and more parts likely echoes buddism's but i decided to let it be.then the grandmom arrived.i left my baby her awhile and started trying to shift my blog updates to my pda but soon my baby arrived and played with monitor and the pc.later i turned on speaker and let its tremble to its largest volumn.my baby was shocked for a bit and i held him in my arms to let him familiar with it.for my ears recently losing some part of its hearing,the volumn let the sisters close the door.then my baby' s mother returned.dinner is dumplines which i always disliked.i held awhile after i first intended to leave after dinner.then they ate water melon which is small and its inner meat colors yellow.my baby ate quite some with his mother.i ate 2 or 3 slices later.then i left.the two sons of the kid sister stayed in waiting room when i ate while the sisters entered my baby's room.i didn't lay any comments and left.i kissed my baby heavily. that's our happy day today.i love my baby and the life so much,even i know our future with u would be more splend. bye.i love u.kiss u with the round large golden moon.on the way to the dorm she let me being blessed so much. 2 heading works when i worked in the field of heading design.just a stamp and a memory of pastime

my old heading work for my website.

my old heading work for my son's mother's class gathering.

btw,posted on Nov. 24 titled 'weak sunny day' there is a line 'the swallowing freak and monster itself can't live in itself peace.its consuming more and more living
spirits and living spices in peace.' here 'spices' should be 'species'.

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