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Thursday, December 07, 2006

sunny afternoon.

after lunch i rest on bed.bitings around let me dozing.after woke up i
meandered awhile in the tree yard for about a quarter,after the shadow
of the tree casted on the rim of the flower garden.then i went to
renew my pc magzines.after fetched 2 copies i read newspaper in the
newspaper room of qrrs.when i sat there i was alone in the sunshine
facing the window.soon dogs arrived and one of them,a middle aged,kept
facing me and challenged me.i read 'world reference
digest'(cankaoxiaoxi) and read quite reports on illegal children labor
and migrates in abnormally dengerous labor situations risked and
resulted into body hurts.and america suffering too much responsibility
to correct the world in distort.bushes suffering shortsighted demand
of profits from us' operation on world.since yesterday the idea
haunted me its time to testify if god chooses from his creators or
infinite turns around,suffers to exalt and wellbeings to fell.mankind
sees quite some fates of animals and now its turn to see that of quite
some tribe of human.technologically operating on some human species
not a problem,but the ethic of human kinship troubled god's chosen so
much so far.nearer and nearer people will be confronted with the way
of god's,the way to choose and extinguished the bitchery,the evil.
www.google.com was blocked for 3 days.gfan of goolgegroup was banned
for access.that's china,a place rebut thinking while the web of the
world innovating everyday.the place being shitted all around,the place
gays and tomb sleeper rampant and attact in daytime.
bye.i love u , like steering star in deepest black sky. kiss u with
tear and bear,pity and cleanse.

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