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Friday, December 08, 2006

sunny day

last night i read 'thinking on the web' till 0:17 am.dog's biting
lately but under holy spirit i forgave and smoothly fell into sleep.i
got up 10:29 am and went to see my baby at once.when i arrived my baby
was sobbing and i was told he pointed to the clock when i due to
appear to the kid sister of his mother's mother and when the sister
said to him his dad he started to cry and demand open the door.how i
was touched.soon we went to receive his mother.i bought him an
icecream and a bag of soft candy.at noon he was settled to sleep by
his mother and i stayed wandering in the bedroom where he slept.after
he woke up i held him playing tapwater and teeth stick.the sister and
her son slept in the room for my son lately after 3 pm .when my baby
cried for i not to let him play with the grid frame of window,with
which he played for some time and attempting to lock it on his own the
mother got up and see.we had some unease time to concentrate to play
while they locked the room sleeping or pretend to sleep.the liu then
ate his lunch lately and his mother let him feed my baby with some
rice and my baby received it.then they watched tv and later the mother
started to cook.we waited and waited for the time to went out.his
mother due to have her night class and will leave her school after
6:30 pm.when its time to leave the mother insisted feeding my baby
with rice and pumpkin and i sensed her feeling of lose to seeing i
cared my baby well and enough and testing me if i can afford her
leaving.my baby let me wait to eat her feeding,but she threat my baby
to eat frequently and my baby finally didn't eat the last mouth she
and me suggested.the school open its door and we entered.his mother
left lately till we arrived half way to the teaching building.my baby
insisted walking on the dusty track of the sport yard.after dinner his
mother watched tv even my baby wanted to play.he finally sent to sleep
by his mother and i left.
its a nice day again for me and my baby.hope u enjoy ur everyday.
bye.i love u.kiss u with cool.

btw,last post there is a line reads 'since yesterday the idea
haunted me its time to testify if god chooses from his creators or
infinite turns around,suffers to exalt and wellbeings to
fell.technologically operating on some human species not a problem,but
the ethic of human kinship troubled god's chosen so much so far.'here
'creators' should be 'creatures'.then dog attacted me aside and let me
didn't check online dictioanry.the online dictioanry was responded
slowly by dog's hacking.

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