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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

thin sunshine morning, gloomy afternoon

last night i got about 200mb ebooks from www.33367.com,let me really
in wilder.even downloading speedy my google service and blogs pages
responded slowly.in the dorm after returned i read awhile my blog on
my pda then worry about my baby and i buzzed my baby's mother,she
refuted my suggestion to visit my baby in the night.then i read the 3
pc magzines to 0:47 am.neighbor hooligans got irritated and bited
heavily.they likely totally got mad and evil.after going to bed,my
beloved blond within myspace.com,jamie,haunted my mind for about an
hour.however,i slept sound.i got up at 9:24 am then i went to see my
baby.when i arrived there my baby just stood behind the liu who is
busy with his parcel against the wall of waiting room and curious.then
he played tapwater in most time of the morning.challenge from the liu
and his mother let me sang and recited a lot.i held my baby went out
to receive his mother at 11 am.my baby loathe to leave and the liu's
mother also tended to retard us.the bike repairer ,who is small man
liked a crone always burning ditched tyre to warm his chamber aside
the road,let the air smelly and poluting.my baby soon slept on my
shoulders,which let quite some persons alarmed me,in good or ill
will.his mother left the school early among her colleagues and fetch
us.after lunch my baby was milked by his mother and slept.so did his
mother.i felt dozed but cold without any quilt.then his mother left
for her school and gave me 2 quilts of my baby.each time i felt dozed
but agiled again by challenge around.my baby slept for about an
hour,and woke up when i just thought about wangbin,my alumni i refered
last time in my blog,a guy also from northeast of china.then we
started to play.we ate pine nuts.my baby played with tapwater and let
the basin full.later a ball candy let him pacified for some time when
i just worried about boring will letting him irritated.the mother
started to cook toast pie and fed my baby with some.its time to went
out but my baby refused to leave.i beated him on his bottom 2 flaps
and he cried.when we arrived on the ground we found 3 girls after
their class and attending another class in the building conjoined with
our building and used as the office of street branch of the municipal
gov. .we played with the little girls awhile.then his mother returned
and found us.i then busy with back ebooks downloaded last night to my
pda and his mother busy with milking him.the liu urged to dinner
loudly.he cooked the dishes and cleaned the table and bowls.that let
us obliged.the mother and the son then watched tv silently and let us
couple distressed for our adopting their labor.the rule of religion
let me stadleless and let me lingered more time to wait my decisive
spirit.when i left my baby asked to go to the corridor to watch and he
watched my leaving.the moon was dim in the dark blue sky.i think it
would be blessing if tonight snows.
bye.i love u.kiss u with fright of the balance among the created.i
love like the serenading moon.

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