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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

bright sunny morning

a bright sunny morning.its beam on the curtain from the start raises me on bed.i got up at 9:47 am.and headed here,a cafe in the way between the dorm and my baby's mother's home,named xinlongyu(new dragon universe),to register my favored email account.

last night i went to bed earlier among these days,at about 9 pm.but i reviewed a lot.before going to bed i read bible awhile,so i was in the shine of the spirit.i reviewed the troubled persons around me bugging me,and settled in staying in god's dome.

bye.its really a nice morning,for the sun rays,for the peaceful night passed.these days i talked less,one reason is that i busy with signup new accounts and customise blog,the other reason is evading bugging and dogging.the third is that i settled more time to care u,rather than my bubbles.god says words let u less sense love in heart to heart,i love u in peace in serenity.

kiss u with blossom.i love u.

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