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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

milky sunlight in the morning.

i got up at 9:54 am.and headed here,another cafe between the dorm and the home of my baby.i just registered http://benzyrnill.blogspot.com .i just too much love blogger.com and can't let any one register my blog title.
my home at myspace recently errs several times likely being hacked.but god let the wonderful staff of the company of myspace.com restored it swiftly.thx all,thx god.
its the fourth day of the national holiday,isn't it?i forgot all date in the days and nights to set my home in cyberspace more hospitable.i may treat it like a business,as regard its the speedest and cheapest way to testify my being.hope u can see me
bye.i likely no more urgent to bliss.i love u.kiss u with warmth of late autumn sunshine.

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