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Thursday, October 05, 2006

perfect sunny morning,in my memory the longest autumn

i woke up at 8:55 am and got up at 9:35.last night i dreamed some unpleasant things and i know even in dream u can be disturbed.i headed to my baby's mother's home immediately and lingered in a cafe in the way near the house.i tried my 2 photo blog of google with one i didn't settled last night.the sunshine is really brilliant outside of the door and i felt i can't linger here much time to waste it.
as a by-product of search u via web i enjoyed virtual id in cyberspace,just as i envisioned when i was kept in asylum this time last year.at that time my confidence was hurt and i thought i can only do what i can do,let my baby under his mother's care,with which i had been so worried that i broke down before entering the asylum.what i can do was to blog and log my routine as testimony for my soundness.now i applied it in fact.at the time when in asylum i promised my baby's mother if she treated me and my visiting relatives,including my elder sister and kid brother's family, well and i will never sue divorce as petitioner.till now my baby's mother had sued 2 times for divorce but herself gave up.i had to and abled to let her felt safe to live independently.
in a word,i really felt in god's guide and placated.no more no less i can spend time and money on the web.
bye.i love u with tears dreed after so many ready beauties around but apart from me.kiss u with berry in teeth.

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