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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

really nice day

i arrived my baby's mother's home at lunch time.so i ate lunch there.after lunch i played awhile with him and his mother aside,feeding our baby with a kind of tasty grapes his mother's school offered as national day's bonus.then i did some modification to logos on his mother's notebook.then we went outside with his mother heading for her school.the sun can't be more bright.his mother warned if i let my baby eat ice stick she will kill both of us.but we ate 2 in the afternoon.we played in his mother's school awhile,to which later his mother claimed she watched from her office and felt glad our baby played so glad there.she was there monitoring monthly exams.my baby walked on the heaps of dropped leaves and played with the dustbin.i washed his hands with bottle water.then we went to south garden,where he practised to climb the steps of the tablet.then he walked independently to the mini play zone,where he laughed a lot when played with sliding board.dogs and bugs there around but we really entertained.when we left the grocer within the garden told me my son's mother had searched for us,so we headed home.on the way an old also told his mother's search.so i speeded up to return,but my son directed me to slide to a round way till picked again the way passing the old to return home.her mother tutoring the 2 girl students at home.also there her mother and the son of her mother's kid sister.i always glad to see young ladies and sang and recited chinese traditional peoms a lot.my baby insisted to let me care him when his grandma wanted to caress him.i left when seemingly his mother's kis sister will arrived and arranged a second dinner out since last unpleasant dinner out several days ago i reported here.
in dorm zone,i read the bible on bench in the garden outside of the dorm but dogged biting.i kept reading till dinner time.after dinner i roamed under the clear sky and pink sunset, spirit let me breathe freely and freshly.
these days i haunted my baby's mother's home more frequent. but in every second u r doming in my heart.my day wasted in watch u in silence remotely in fact.around the core of ur back to me,i prepared so intently.
bye.kiss u.i love u with sunny sky.

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