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Sunday, October 01, 2006

sunny in the morning,cloudy afternoon

baby,here i m.last night the dorm was very dim when i returned there,seemingly quite some of the dweller headed to their hometown.i read <communication with god 3> lately till finished it.neighbor hooligan played even i ate some grapes brought from my baby's mother's home and its very sweat.i also drank some beer when felt lonely.this morning i got up lately and immediately went to sunshine in the garden till lunch time.in the afternoon i busy with design a logo for my blog now that blogcn offers the function of customise logo.i finished it in my baby's home till 5 pm and when went down to the ground to receive my baby from his grandmom and some relatives of his mother.i hold to sports yard for awhile and bought him a bottle of water and a ball candy.soon his mother arrived and i left.
now i m in a cafe i first visit on the way between the dorm and my baby's mother's home.doggs attacking me.
bye.kiss u with cool.i love u.
for logo picture to large,i spend 2 hour and more to edit it online but just waste time.the cafe named longjiu(dragon nine),bugs there biting heavily.it cost me 4 yuan.after i finished dinner in a little restaurant,its already 8:11 pm.i did some customise to my blog in blogcn.com in starsea cafe and now again under attacks.
the street lost its usual day's crowd.everyone have their gatherings,except me.in fact i also hurt my son's mother.she shown her coldshoulder when i buzzed in to exchange daily bless.god's know i m determined for u.
bye,the second haunt likely run out.kiss u with sweating.

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