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Friday, October 06, 2006

a day of full sunshine, a day of middle autumn day.

dogs,likely 2 middle aged male in their 30s', heavily biting here now paralleling with me aparted by the corridor.a girl facing near a seat.flies stood and flied over my head.dim light covered half the the second floor of starsea cafe.that's the place i chosed after wandering about half an hour outside under the autumn sky.i don't know if its common for cafe,or just ruined by the hand of dogs,which likely manipulated most of the internet cafes in china.
today i got up early at 8:01 am and headed to see my baby as soon as the charging pda ready.my son's mother want to show my pda to her students refered by their textbook.i installed ms device emmulator on her notebook to simulating pda screen.then we started to haunt outside.his mother went to her shool and we played in the south garden.not so many children there,but we chose 2 baby girls with their grandmom and grandpa.one quick at learn and another domineering.my baby on my neck.when we leaving we met a tall and slim man from germany.we chatted awhile,while my baby constantly let his bottle onto the ground and let the man pick it for him.later the german fed up and claimed not to pick it any more.later on the way home as soon as reviewing it i can't help laughing.but he and might before him those parents there accompanying their children,let my baby's running nose running over to his mouth.till we parted the german and passed by the grocer and bought ball candy the grocer let me known.we returned home some minutes before his mother,who later claimed her lecture a success.
after lunch i went to common bathroom.when i returned my baby slept.his mother started to tutor her 2 stucents,including a new one,the son of the only doctor of her school.she bought my son a suit of sports clothings as the fee,but when she met us on the ground she said that's her gift for our baby.i left after her 2 girl students arrived.my baby then had played awhile on my neck with a tube of eye ointment of his mother's and mess a lot on my shirt.he farewelled to me gladly.
so its our happy middle autumn's day.last night i called to my parents in my hometown.my second elder sister and the son of the third elder sister,and my eldest brother and his son there.i felt glad to chat with the son of my sister and told him no matter how he endures the striving contest among his classmates,which is cliche in nowaday china,he should be at ease for he always under god's care.i tried to talk with my grand father but barely understood what he said.i just told him i want him to stay in the world for more years till i visit him with my new wife,and the old family,esp.my baby son with whom my mother asked for many times.they said my father got mind unclear for quite some time,but i believed in him as usual.he is my hero and my god.
bye.i love u.like sunflower in autumn wind.kiss u with beverage in aging mouth.

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