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Monday, October 02, 2006

sunny afternnon interupted by cloud

most time spend on customise.morning in baishi(hundred century) let me surer that most customers of internet cafe haunted there just to dirty will.i intended to tell u my dream in the dawn but gave up.nowaday seemingly everyone understand to sexually exert on others by will.
this afternoon i spent in my baby's mother's home.i busy with modifying my logos for my blog and my business.the son and wife of my kid brother,who worked in guangdong province after visited me with his family and left his family here,were also there.i busy with computer,likely spoilt their lunch for its more or less a ceremony dinner but i left them all aside.the wife of my kid sister left first for her stall,then others brought the two children outside to sunshine.then i continued to backup to cd after a haste lunch,till them returned.then my baby slept on bed and his mother tutored 2 girl stucents.i watched my baby in his dream awhile.soon the return of his cousin and the old woman woke him up.i then strode in the waiting room with my baby on my neck and sang.that's all a nice afteroon with my beloved.
after dinner i read awhile 'be friend with god',from the same author of the 'communication with god' series.dogs illwilled around,urge my leaving.i left till its dark and to here.
bye.hope u happy holiday,baby.hold dear with my bless.i love u.

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