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Saturday, October 07, 2006

cold winter just over there

i arrived my baby's home almost at lunch.then i launched to register the security soft his mother's notebook adopted with sn from the web.after lunch i busy with modifying logo for my blogs.my son's grandmom and her elder sister brought him and his cousin outside sunshine.my baby's mother tutoring.after i finished she urged me to see my baby in south garden.so i headed there.my baby glad to see me and immediately led me hold him apart from them,the grandmom,etc.he asked for ball candy and let a lot of mouth water on my hairs.after we returned to home,i found something challenging.i blamed the son of my baby's grandmom's kid sister,who there to be tutored but at the moment idle.but my baby's mother unease with his cousin,who later spoilt the coca onto the ground and hide himself in the corner.i then also almost sure he counted to the dirty wills floating in the room.i then sat down to wondering my kid brother,why he left his family here,and his wife in family name zhou as u,why she left her son here and left.then the little boy asked for shitting,i held him to the lavatory and picked a towl paper aside when his mother returned and found us.then i left to the dorm.i continued reading on the biography of jixianlin till dinner.first time my feet in shoes felt cold in the room.
today u r likely returning to ur school.what i can say its that i hope god brought us closer in the holiday.day but day i roamed among my blogs just in the aim to catch u face to face,and lead ur hand to me forth.god knows how fragile the balance i had now is.
bye.kiss u with the dropping of yellow leaves.i love u in patience.patience is the another name of fortitude.i pray for u by praying to god.

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