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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

wonderful sunny afternoon.

its about 11:20 am when i arrived my baby's mother's home.his mother at home.she later in the afternoon asked me why i recently visited my baby a time a day, i replied that the sun so nice that i can't spoil it.after lunch i sort her dv and shifted shots to her notebook and backed some to my sd card so as to upload to the web.then i tried to capture more of us with our baby.when its almost time for her to her school we held our son to sportsyard to shot pictures.after my baby asked for ice stick and i bought him one she left in anger.i then let my baby played in the yard in her school till the watch dog interrupted.then we moved to south garden where we played awhile near the fountain.and my baby asked for his second ice stick and a bottle of cock,and a ball candy.when he ate his ball candy on the rim of the fountain while i chatted with a little girl in family name of sun,the neighbor in family name of liu,harrassed us for quite some times,holding her granddaughter approached us and attempted to talk to my son,that just spoilt my baby son's candy into the fountain and we left after the girl,sun.we again returned to his mother's school waiting for the exam finished.crowd of students finished their test left around us.i noticed some of the girl students quite beautiful.after we met his mother and returned to home with her two pupils,i left to the dorm.
i read awhie the bible on the bench in sunshine in the garden,till i felt rest in the sunshine more helpful to the spirit.so i watched sky till dinner time.and as soon as finished dinner i went to the front yard of the cafe,starsea,wandering in the sunset to rapt in serenity.
an hour passed in trying blogger's photo post function.
bye.dear,i know i own beauties without extending hands,but only u can fill the emptiness after my lust for girl's flesh.i looked forward to the day i unwrap u in dear in eager.i love u,under the same sky of days and nights.kiss u with sweatings.
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