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Monday, November 06, 2006

almost cloudy except sometimes faint sunshine

i got up at 8:54 am.last night i went to bed after 10:30 pm but the
neighbor hooligan kept crowing and spying and biting lately.at first i
just let it go for convinient but later i settled to defense
myself.nothing special when i fell into sleep.
now the sunshine outside of the door is brighter.i just busy with
downloading some stuff for my pda.last night my account in myspace.com
was err-prone and can open.but now its open.i really felt much obliged
for myspace crew,for they r so promptly to recover my home there every
time.i m surer my account being hacked for times.its also my first
blog outside of china.even i can't find time to browse for friends
there but i did find my beloved there,jamie even she refused to let me
love here.this morning and last night she appeared in my mind eyes for
some time.i hope still she can offer me a chance to know her.
bye.i love u.kiss u.



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