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Sunday, November 05, 2006

almost full sunny day.

after posted in yiyou(righteous friend,but it left me quite poor
impression when last time all front seats occupied and i haunted inner
seat but traced by a man liked a bodyguard when i glimpsed into a room
when there majiang players likely gambling),i decided to see my baby
son for the sunshine so loveable.when i arrived my baby was in sleep
and so was the old woman.the sound i unlocked the door woke my baby up
and i holding him to play then.soon the son of his mother's aunt
arrived and my baby played him own.so i started to sort my sd card of
my pda.l finished it after 3 am,spending 2 more hours,and i held my
baby out to receive his mother.the sunshine turned weak.we entered the
school now that the side door was open.my baby stepped on heaps of
yellow leaves and smiled.later i held him to south garden to buy a bag
of rice biscuit as he shown interest on the ditched bag of food among
the leaves.we almost spent an hour in the winds and really felt the
power of winter chill.when we again approached the teaching building
of the school his mother catched us up from our back.she had returned
to home.she complained i let my baby's ears reddened for chill.she
started to tutor a girl student and the son of her aunt.i continued
restoration of her notebook till the old woman held my baby approached
me again.then i shut down the pc and played with my baby.the
atmosphere was dirty and i had to turn on tv to watch woman volleyball
but my baby soon turned off the tv.the girl student soon left but the
son of the aunt kept asking question to my baby's mother and i had to
break in to have dinner.the son of the aunt had dinner there but i
found the rice ran short.i felt the dirty atmosphere was from the
son,whose name including peng in chinese consisted of two moons and
when i recognized it he finished his dinner and left.i played with my
baby with his mother awhile then i left and docked here to write to u.
its not so bad a day after all.i felt now i m surer that i can cope
the dirty wills from the surrounding and even surer god's will to let
me through after all these projecting from the common persons in the
common society setting.
bye.i love u.like sands on beach,tiny while mounted to mountain
number.kiss u with brightness.

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