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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

snowing most time of the afternoon

just when i left the cafe the snow flowing all over the street.however
its not so heavily and in later afternoon it stopped.left the road
whiter and sanitier.i roamed in the room most of the
afternoon,wondering.two neighbor rooms both unlocked when i went to
lavatory for some times.dogs,including the head dog in ur family
name,appeared in my mind to show its fear to let me see his
endeavor.now in the cafe when i tried to backup my blog with softs,it
block my blog at myspace.com and blogger.com as usual,but he also let
the browser ie windows illworking.i had to reset to escape its
evils.some proxies several days ago workable turned invalid now.i know
some guy in ur family name quite evil,like the head dog,like the
3721's former ceo.all shits.i know u sometimes illwilled but that's
not the part i want to see and accept.i know u r mine,and u r
kindhearted.the circle of chinese yinyang consisted of 2 parts,and u r
the white part.i know ur family is dominant but u and ur parents
innocent.that's what i known and i insisted as the condition with
which i can accept u.ur father is a stateman, not a dog.a dog of ur
family name chasing me,and felt assured, but he just a slave,a negro,a
jackal.he doomed to ruin himself and the shabby leaf boat he and his
host stood.that's the whole story of the man,the name doomed to be
bye.i love u.kiss u with pour white.
dogs hacked heavily and i had to reset two times to post.



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