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Sunday, November 05, 2006

brightest morning in early winter.

so god didn't offer me a snow in my anticipation but a bright morning
instead.i got of at 8:45 am and waited awhile for my pda charging.then
i went to to sort my pda to avoid spying eye around in the dorm and
even so it was hanged for 2 times and flash card wrecked a time.i
walked in the sunshine in the treeyard in the dorm zone awhile till
lunch time.my radio newly found beijing's radio titled 'voice of
china' which now live talk about Mout.huang of anhui prov.,eastcentual
china.the authority desperately to broadcast its crying for attention
to save his problem.it also broadcast 'voice of huaxia' and another
'voice' of somewhat.yesterday they gathered heads of africa to leak
its troubled water.
last night i dreamed accompanied with a middle aged man,an
enterprineur likely againing his first basin of gold from his being
secretary of china youth league when in college.he made a product
conbining cell phone,tv and some gadget now evades me,imported idea
from foreign western world.he boast his human resource expertise to
handle 2 of his staff,all from their graduate to be skilled.when he
picked me to return to home, we saw two moons in the sky and i left
his car and watched the 2 moons on the ground while he left.
last night dogs bited me lately.the islamic africa part gathering in
beijing these day also pested me.however,i felt into sleep and sound
till morning.i felt assured about my soundness when i saw the
i have it.god and my kindom.i love u.kiss u with sunshine.bye.dogs
biting in the cafe.

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