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Saturday, November 11, 2006

extraordinary sunny day.

i got up at 8:49 am and immediate to see my baby.his mother at home when i arrived and she is busy with shot my baby and me.when i started to sort the sd card of the camera his mother left.i held my baby playing till the old woman left and my baby became irritated for being sleepy.i hurried to find his coat and left the home.he sat silently on my shoulders when i passed the grocers aside the street toward his mother's school.when we started to walk outside around the south garden and when i started to sing he fell into sleep.i stayed in front of the front gate of south garden,facing the bright sun,and stalked.when i felt better to see if his mother's school's door open throught the south garden western door,he woke up on my neck.he directed me to turn back to pick a shortcut to the western door but i hinted him to buy some snacks.he admitted it and i bought him a bag of rice biscuit and we ate at once.the door of his mother's school later opened and we slided in.we entered the classroom building and waited his mother on the first floor passway.he also practised to move on the steep ladders of the passway with my hands in his hands.soon the crowd of students leaving,some girl students kissed my baby's cheek.we finally met his mother and he asked his mother to hold him to watch the side building's corridor.we all felt glad.at lunch he insisted playing spool and till his mother can't afford his spoiling soup.after lunch he was sent to sleep after milked.so did his mother and the old woman.i went alone to shower.after i returned his mother again started to shot him with the old woman and the son of his mother's aunt.then i bragged my knowledge on digital home to his mother and all of them kept listening.my baby busy with playing aside till i finished my bubble and in high spirit.at dinner i drank a tin of beer and my baby also tasted some of it.we had a good time full day.
last night the dogs bited heavily but later i felt its u missing me and i started to consider our relation.the bright sun in daytime let me feel i m under bless of u.
its really a nice sunny day.so auspicious.i know u r in the mood of deep love to me.i felt glad seeing the bright of our piteful love.
bye.i love u.kiss u with sunshine.
some shots by his mother.

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