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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

sunny in the early morning,then turns gloomy

i got up at 9:19 am.last night i reviewed a lot and my way and my responsibilty.when i woke up the sunshine tinted my curtain.i didn't attend the working place i once worked,a kindergarten and a minigarden apart from the dorm zone.after getting up i listened the radio but later some radio channels missing,only left 2 or 3 available in FM wave band area.the 'voice of china' missing and the memory function also illworked and can't memory even i pust it to memorize.i checked my pda for sometimes and then missing in wondering.the weather turned cloudy and the sky was dark.after lunch i arrived here but had to wait for some time for a available pc in the cafe.most of the customers r little students and older boyes playing games.i felt games should be thanked for offering so many entertains to young persons.
dogs biting now.
last night i check my blogs downloaded to my pda and found many unauthorized modifications to my original posts.dogs union felt they can manipulate anything in guise.i first felt surer on myspace but now i found my blog on it also modified to distort my word and message.they never block myspace.com but blocked blogger.com and blogspot.com.they traced all my account activity and broke any time to modify to obscure my message.they r the biggest thief and the most disgusting shadow gay.
bye.i love u.kiss u with limpidity.

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