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Monday, November 06, 2006

sunny day mostly.

i laid myself on bed listening music radio all the afternoon.dogs
biting from all directions,forcing me to change my poise
frequently.last night they let me restless through this way and force
me to defense.later i got up to urine and when i returned i heard some
beautiful music consoled me for my anxious on ur company with me.after
dinner i arrived here the cafe farer from the dorm zone and again
being bited heavily.but that forced me to concentrate on reading a
google group entitled 'mind's eye' which very informative.i got a
glimpse to the smart people of human and enchanted by the dilemma of
intelligence.i known by instinct its a good forum but till today i
started to read it.
bye,i fighted to curb my expenditure on the web.i budget to spend 2
yuan a day on internet.
i love u.kiss u.hope u a nice day.

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