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Thursday, November 09, 2006

sunny morning

i got up at 8:23 am.last night i dreamed of chenlong(become
dragon),the hongkang kongfu actor,whose son named
fangzuming,interviewed with our a semester including 4 or 5 children
including a white girl and teached by show his acting in movies.then i
got up to urine,its about 6 am and i met a man just leaving the
lavatory and enter his room near the washing room and a man washing in
the washing room.after returned to bed,i dreamed of chenqian(journey
ahead),the once emcee of cctv's program 'zhengdazongyi' and
actor,steered a boat in a lake to fight japanese enemy,liking a common
scene in the PRC's movie.i don't know if he is acting or in real in
the dream.after all i felt glad to be blessed to dream.
last night i was heavily hacked and i don't know what a threat
challenges my posting here.so i decided to use one of my google
group,benzyrnill, to post against unauthorized modifications.
it seems a fine day.i know a link to our neighbor,japan.after all love
is immortality.
bye.i love u.kiss u.only love can save our marriage.no matter how we r
bond with family history, god let us love.that leads peace and

btw,in post of 'unclear morning' posted on nov. 8 ,'what can soothe
thirst for fresh flesh of girl,what can cure the simplicity of the
universe.' should be 'what can soothe thirst for fresh flesh of
girl,what can cure the singularity of the universe.'.i mean the
singularity of universe as described by the famous physical scientist
Stephen Hawking.



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