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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

bright sunshine all day.

in the afternoon i read pc magzine till 4 pm.dogs in the dorm bited
heavily and sometimes forced me notice their plots.after finished both
the pc mags,i left to see my baby.my baby avoided me in the old
woman's arms for awhile.later i held him playing.he played with
tapwater for quite some time and let the old woman very annoyed.i was
told his mother will leave her school after 7 pm for night lessons.i
felt very longthy.my baby dozed awhile on my shoulders when we toddled
in waiting room and bedroom,but he soon woke up.we ate pinenuts and
nuts.we left home to receive his mother after 6:30 pm and dogs in the
street let my belly painful.the lamps was bright and parents receiving
their children herd.my baby made some loud voice and i screamed to
echo.soon we saw his mother.i copied a soft to make gif file and then
ate dinner.dogs modified the anonymous surfing soft,torpack,i uploaded
to my googlepages at http://benzrad.googlepages.com/or.rar and let it
illworking,hardly open any officially blocked website like bogger.com
or blogspot.com,while i used it on my udisk to surf blogger and
blogspot hadn't encountered any problem.they broke my account into
midifying my documents and blogs at will,they enjoyed tracing and
stealing and messing as their pleasure,they born thief and
hooligan.and failures after failures they still bug me for their host
can't afford its losing,its collapse and evaporing.
its a quite nice day.it telling me nothing went wrong.god training me
to be patience and fortitude.nothing out of landscape.
bye.i love u.kiss u with coming snow,the white washed the dirty
black.glory to god.

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