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Friday, November 24, 2006

weak sunny day

its a busy afternoon for me.after posted at noon i went to the libray
of qrrs to borrow 2 pc magzines.then went to the newspaper reading
room in the workers' palace to read world reference digest (in chinese
'cankaoxiaoxi').its very informative but dogs biting heavily.i felt
china in the path steadily leading itself into world war while its
head spare no efforts to boast its earnest hope for 'human
coexistence', just like many powder barrel in the prelude of 2 world
wars.there r some problems in the world concerning offering and
giving.china, like many inresponsible seeker after fed up with too
much taking while without thanksgiving.the fruits of democracy, of
god's leading, of western culture, were shared but the primitives took
a pirate and rober's stance.china sees its fastest improvement after
opening to the world but just crying for breedings without
feedback.its its problem.its bussiness pattern got bankrupt,got
insustainable.western world can't afford such a tumor under his
belly.god can't see sand in his eyes.the swallowing freak and monster
itself can't live in itself peace.its consuming more and more living
spirits and living spices in peace.it destroyed its most arable land
and dirty its most river.it squeezed into its most young bones and
destoryed its most vivid inspiring of the nation newly
fire-baptised.its now attempted to leak its troubled water into the
world.it bragged its good will all over the world under the title of
'human something' while in its backyard sparing no efford to arm it to
its teeth.it sells its responsibilty for expendience anywhere any
time.it can't hold its laughable shortsighted desire to sat in
limelight and babbled like shits.that's china in today's world
bye.i love u.kiss u with coming snow.

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