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Thursday, November 23, 2006

sunny day

i got up at 10:55 am for my pda charging.when i fetched my bike the
gatewatcher insisted asking me how i will deal with the rice qrrs now
dispatching.and i knew its near time for chinese company to dispatch
their wellfare.they with this way to hole their staff tight and mute
to their blacksmith.almost there is no way for chinese company to
survive with legal methods and so every company,no matter how tiny or
how large,had to deal with theft and any other abnormal means against
the its counterparts and high level or low level counterparts to
survive.that's china's reality.dogs push anyone into need to
entrenched themselves with dogged method.that's dog's plot to turn the
world into dog's rein.from the basic ethic dog claims anything without
its admision is illegal,and its admision changing at its will,in no
place of a vow or a cord.that's dication in china,as prc's
foundamental rule sovereign the mainland.
my baby received me near the door of bedroom and he avoided me as
usual in the old woman's arms.after i took him he didn't left my
caress in the morning and afternoon.we went out at 11 am and we ate an
icecream and some soft candies.his mother seemingly not so happy with
me.but we reunited after lunch after she complained surviving priority
to a better life and i persuaded her leting mind overview the reality
and after she breaded our baby and i teased my baby aside.her mother
later arrived in the afternoon and i at once felt her hatred and even
dirty will.my baby asked for playing with water then,against the
sisters' scorns.i had to let my baby go out to receive his mother in
advance,for my baby got irregular.in outside he peacefully sat on my
shoulders.we went to the south garden where 3 little boys playing
under a tree while a man stood on the rim of a circle round the root
of the tree and talking with his cell phone.we avoided them and after
turned a round my baby still felt the group of playing little boy and
girls attracting him and let me followed them some distance.when we
approached the door of the school i asked about time with a woman
aside and we chatted in english.after received his mother we returned
and his mother told me today is thanksgiving day.i had complained
missing the tasty hunan dish in these day so i suggested we can
gathered for a taste to hunan dish.after dinner we played awhile with
our baby and let him very happy.his mother let me fetch 2 apples and 2
bagged milk,comparing yesterday she pretendingly refusing me fetching
an apple.
on the way to dorm,i met a lot of middle school students on bike or
waiting for bus.i really felt holiday month is near.so i headed to
dorm directly and buzzed my hometown and talked with my mother.on the
way here i felt this year very swift,for i still can remember last
spring festeval's merry atmospher.a cop car ported near the cafe and
when i arrived the boss laid one of his leg on the reception desk and
immediately 2 cops in uniform entered and one of them asked to talk
with the boss closely.they looked quite familiar.last night before i
left i felt heavily bited and a middle aged man haunted around,and my
torpark slow to respond.
i love u.kiss with with snow and bright.

btw,the torpark in rar at http://benzrad.googlepages.com/or.rar was
password protected against cop's unauthorized modification.its
password is 'shitdog',but still its likely broken.there is likely no
way to avoid surveilance now that they can manipulate byte flow and
remote control all internet cafe within china.torpark is freeware,but
quite some time i can't download it from its homepage or from any site
in the search result of google.i even can't download from my
googlepages as refered above.dog showily domineer.

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