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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

transparent sunshine morning,turned thick in the afternoon

i got up at 9:11 am and headed to see my baby at once.last night i
dreamed a lot,but the sunshine told me nothing special.my baby turned
back into the old woman's arms when caught sight of me.and i
forcefully held him back after uncoated.i accompanied him playing all
the day.he slept when i reciting chinese traditional poems in the
morning when its almost 9:45 am.the old woman had left to shop.my baby
slept on my shoulders and in my arms for about an hour.after woke up
we went out to receive his mother.the door of the school locked.when a
man on his bike entered we followed to enter but the man on the bike
let us left.i didn't move.then the watchdog went outside of the
outpost and poised to let us leave.so we left.that really disgusted
me.it let me doubting the reason why all chinese organizations liked
to enclose their territory and set watchdogs.for china was dominated
by dog,they fighted for prey,they divided china society into their
properties.they cleaned all livings alien to them,except their
prey.they r born inferor and they have no way to cooperate with other
living spices and enjoyed the plenty world together.so they r so born
to fight each other,to tear,to bite around.they r born to starve.they
r born to fear,and exert their fear and fright to anything in their
view.they deserve as a tool as a inferior product of human.opening is
their hate and their biggest enemy.human is their second hate and
their second biggest enemy.they r doomed to fight against human in the
end.and its hight time to extingush them from earth from now,as i
claimed in a post within google group,sci.language.
when we saw some of teachers leaving,we sat in front of the door
waiting.2 cops haunted 2 circles.and a car ported near the door block
our view partially.we soon saw my baby's mother.after lunch i sorted
my pda awhile.then his mother left.i held my baby playing.we both felt
a bit boring.after 2:30 pm he slept on my shoulders when i sang in my
full pitch.first he slept sound near my left ear.after an hour he
partially awoke but loath to open his eyes.i shaked him up and we
started to eat pine nuts.we had a good time eating while chatting.we
went out to receive his mother after 4:00 pm.we ate a stick of sugared
gourd.when teachers leaving my baby directed us slide in.but a tall
watchdog murmured behind us,likely saying their boss warned not to let
us in.so we left and his mother catched us just near the door.i ate
dinner there.my baby pretended to watch tv concentratedly to ignore my
leaving and let us both smile.he now showily kept distance from me.he
really emotionally smart.
today is a nice day as anticipate.the weather forecast in the radio
let snow for two days but its warm and sunny both day.but the night is
cold.maybe next morning i can see white.
bye.i love u as usual.kiss u with bright.

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