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Sunday, November 19, 2006

limp morning sunshine

i got up at 8:41 am.last night the dog's bite is faint.i fell into
sleep after some waits.the cafe in which i lost its register card
finally didn't return the key money i handed in of 10 yuan by delaying
to deal with my problem and let me trying to find back.it can be
safely to claim that in nowaday china dogged by dog there is no grace
anywhere anyway.every vendors compete to be bitchy.for there is no way
to warrent common people,common cusumers' interests.social gathering
banned or under tighten surveilance.individule complains directed to
cops or civil department where to detain.
in the dawn i dreamed one of my college alumni,chenxinjian,handling a
task of dispatching and returning a form in which likes a population
survey to fill in ur name detailedly.then i envisioned a web service
to let people register their name online and write down their tour to
tourism on web and let the web constructs the virtual map of the
landscape,maybe a bit like google earth.in the end of the dream i saw
a chinese .com titled shushen(learner) or shutong(pupil) strived to
offer this kind of service.
its a ordinary sunny morning.last night i worked here for 4 hours to
modify my googlepages as well as my baby's mother's.i will see my baby
after posted here.
bye,i love u.kiss u.

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