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Monday, November 20, 2006

pale morning sunshine

i got up at 10:55 am.last night likely dirty willes thick and i almost
wet dreamed.in the dawn i dreamed attending the funeral of the eldest
brother of my dad in my hometown.the music for the funeral very coarse
and loudly.then the watchwoman of the dorm knocked my door to let me
receive a phone call.its from the group mornitor of my once working
place,saying last time i admitted to attend work time why i didn't
attend so far.and asked me to call the department director.i returned
to dorm to continue my sleep.till 10 am i turned on my radio which
elaberate if grandparents caring their grand child should charge for
the parents.i knew a new web plotted by dog aiming trapping me into
machinery dog system launched for years in the short history of
prc.the group mornitor,a graduate once boasting his coorperation with
the nasty local hooligans within the organization now has a taste to
his descend.all the graduates now chose the pits set by the gov. to
let him temporarily partake the state power or public service left
with the same outlet,the same dustbin.they doomed to live in
humdrum,in mediocre.china now manipulated and monopolied by dog,which
refute any inprovement and progress except its biting teeth to steal
and prey,its dirty spying eyes putting anyone into foul or
criminal.anything original can be stained,anything with grace can only
be withered with the dominant dirty around.that's the fate of prc.
bye.i love u.kiss u with mops of pale cloud.
dog hindered my download of anonymous surfing soft now.

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