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Friday, November 24, 2006

weak morning sunshine

i woke up at 8:37 am and got up at 9:59 am.again i felt loathe to get
up.last night i can access blogger.com and blogspot.com without proxy
and now its also accessible directly.it lets me in doubts for quite
some moments in the night in the room.i even review my point and
position this morning.in the morning i listened to the radio after
getting up and dog around let my chest painful.so i launched to haunt
around the area of qrrs.i visited its sports stadium whose door now
was narrowed to allow a man to slide in (the fat even need to slide in
with turning his or her shoulders from 2 sides to a side
foreward.).and its field underwent innovation,covered totally with
clothes.then i went eastern of its part,where near the suburb and now
the cross over road was larged boardened and house aside the roads
enhenced with refurnished or rebuilt.a quite large house of qrrs
turned into the policestation of the municipal gov. ,just behind its
hostel.i doubting what's the deal,qrrs,a former stateowned enterprise
with some social functions under state planning mechanism,now strived
to extend its hand into municipal function.all those in army rank or
state plannying hierachy now shift themselves into civil service,but
in core still a dicatator,a rober and a stealer,in guise of public
service,like cop.it acting both public service and state force.but in
china they never can hide their brutal use of force to keep common
people from its dictating interest group.china in most history owning
powerer domestic force than its defense force against hostil foreign
nations,cops more than arms.that's the source of pressing and robery
and dictatory, and source of humiliation in china's fall in neoteric
history.no civil right,no nationality harmony,but prey of the
reined.they r in fact the biggest enemy of china and they indeed
defensed themself at cost of china,then and now.
after returned to the dorm i again felt unconfortable..i was deserted
in the dustbin and fight to live in rubbish in soundness.
bye.i love u.kiss u with coming snow.

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