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Sunday, November 19, 2006

pale sunny afternoon

in the morning when i surfed in the cafe,it turned to be slower and
slower to return a page from the net.dogs these days determined to
show their unabled to afford to lose.soon after i arrived my baby's
mother's home his mother returned when i just prepared my baby to
haunt outside.then i want to show my blog update within my googlepages
at http://benzrad.googlepages.com ,and i launched to set my
googlepages on her notebook.the all afternoon spent fruitlessly
attempting setting it but dog hampered my googlepages to
published.each time when i attempt to save modification and publish it
it let the page popup windown saying can't save while its
disconnected.but it in fact online.it even let the popup window
showing from google.com.it really can shame anyone with its foul.
after i finished my shower in the public bathroom,my baby's mother
held him went to see her mother.i tried again.after again being hacked
i gave up and left.on the way i met my baby and his mother so we
returned her home.there i ate dinner.i drank a bottle of bear to let
go the dirty after dancing with dogs.
returned to the dorm i listened awhile radio.and i felt better surfing
with crowd to avoid concentrated hack when i single out in the few
cafe users.
after all ,it s a nice day.i did what i can envised.dog's hacking and
blocks only remind me how far yet the reality under dog's surveilance
lagging me,lagging the advance of china,and urged me to fight with
more energy.
bye.i lvoe u.kiss u with the pure white of the coming snow.

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