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Saturday, November 25, 2006

snowing in half day but didn't entitled a snowy day.

last night after posted in the cafe,i wondered in the dorm.till i felt
quite sure about myself and my previlege to see my baby at my will,i
headed to see my baby at once after 8 pm.before i went to the cafe,
his mother buzzed in inquired me about her problem with her
notebook,she didn't let me know she was alone with our baby.when i
arrived there she was breasting our baby and the old woman left for 2
days to see her relatives nearby.i felt very sorry for her loneliness
at once.my baby got energetic and played some other time before went
to sleep.we had a nice night.in the mroning her mother arrived to see
our baby as arranged in advance and i still loathe to get up.my baby
let me get up and i found his mother had left to her school.i held my
baby played some time and when his grandmom wanted to play with him i
turned on the notebook and tried awhile surfing on the web.blogger.com
was accessible but google.com and gmail.com inaccessible.soon i fed up
with very slow surfing speed and gave up.his mother returned awhile
and left again to her school.later i held my baby going out to receive
his mother.when we looked at the mirror of the electronic gate the
gate opened for a male staff and the man on his back talked to me i
can enter with an accquaintance with the watchdog.so we entered.soon
we saw his mother leaving.we asked by phone order a dish from the
neighbor restaurant for lunch.after lunch his mother milked him and
fell into sleep.so did my baby, with his mother's nipper in mouth.so i
went to public bathroom to shower.when i returned home,the son of her
aunt there studying.the grandmom returned and loathed to cook and
suggested to eat out but my baby's mother wanted to be economic.we
finally ate dinner at home with needle.my baby's mother tutored a girl
student lately.before the grandmom left i suggested to my baby's
mother let the grandmom stay there a night but she refused.but my
baby's mother also refuted my suggestion i stayed there a night
instead.she said now that it will be routine in the future so i
needn't worry about them.i respected her independence as her shown
many time in our marriage.after dinner she tried to work on her
notebook to prepare test paper for her school as homework and i held
my baby trying killing time.my baby wanted to play with her notebook
but he is always considerable and let his mother finished her
work.then we reunited to play games for about an hour.i left at 8:58
pm even i felt sorry for them.
the snow,as i know should be the scond snow in this winter,finally
didn't cover the road,just let the rim of the road white.i felt glad
to see its attempt,and hope it arrives more tonight.
bye.i love u.not matter how far u r now from me.kiss u with white.

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