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Sunday, November 26, 2006

full sunny day.

in the afternoon just after posting i wandered in the sunshine for
about half of an hour.the sun was bright and the wind was mild.quite
some young qrrser left the dorm from the door of the dorm in qrrs'
uniform.i toddled till ill willes let me uncomfortable.so i shifted to
room and continued to toddle in it.later i listened to the radio.the
first song from a familiar song sang in japanese.i knew i had a link
with it.i wondered my family,my baby son,and his mother.i know nothing
can hinder the step of our forward.dogs biting now in the cafe farer
than starsea.they r the remain of shits on this dirty coign of
northeastern of china.
bye.i'd better do some reading.i love u,in this waste piazza.dogs
around me chatted and smoked.i really troubled by the question why
they live in this world.
i love u.kiss u with beer to cleanse.

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