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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

pale sunshine all day

after posting i jogged in the garden for some time.then i went to borrow pc magzines from qrrs' libray.after some persuading i borrowed 2 copy of computer fans magzine.i then read newspaper in the newspaper room of qrrs.a cop haunted there and left.i see religion battle in world.and god let america not to afford full damage of the disaster of islamics.may or may not its time to see the fate of dictatorship,but the nation deserted the midasia now boasting to challenge the world in peace.russia like a half died dinosaur peering to rerivify itself,letting the old man steal new energy from the updating world.the librains behind the glass wall biting and later almost gave up.i finished reading a mag in the rest of afternoon in the dorm.at dinner they didn't offer me any meat on my routine budget of 3 yuan a meal.i enjoyed it as usual for i really hunger after reading and being bited.after dinner i ate the apple from my baby's mother.i waited awhile lest missing her phone.here i registered myself an www.linkedin.com an account to have an experience of its service as refered by the mags.some wiki sites were blocked from access now,as i known,but i likely will enjoy google's soon from its acclaim of www.jot.com.i can't wait for it.life can be easier via web,but the job market in reality so slumpy that let anyone in season daunted.and world also see its stalemate in the dogged world with unease of dirty spot of outdated dicatator systems.god let everyone in the world a sincere choice to follow,to follow a brighter future with democracy entended or cogged with sand in it like nowaday zipped world,spoted with fire and torment.
bye.i love u.kiss u with coming snow white.

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