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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sunny morning,gloomy afternoon

i got up at 9:21 am.last night dog's biting was weak.i read mrs Thatcher's autobiography late after 11:30 pm.politician's life was quite interesting and her road to serv her motherland was step by step led by god.god place responsibility on some prominances like an arrow on the bow.a single person's life was really short.historic steam soaring with deafing sound.after geting up and had a bag of milk from my baby's mother's home,i headed to see my baby.last night in a dream my worry of my blogs was hijacked by dog was replied,i dreamed in a school or someplace in very haste i tried to test if my blogs' pages returned to me in internet cafes was from a faked website cocted by cops and redirected.i can't clearly remember the result but i know i had to trust god.including these chase and hunting and harass like most disgusting virus and gay,all god's train onto me.god let israel suffered and let america humiliated,that just let common sense and common people more sound and selfsufficient.in the morning i help my baby playing with tapwater against the old woman's sneers.after 11 am my baby slept in my arms.his mother let me not to receive her in the phone last night.after his mother shifted him to bed i copy my blog update to my pda.the lunch with big slice of pork let me full filled.i just felt god's care and the power of my will.after lunch i secured her notebook with modification on registry and security settings.then our baby woke up.after ated some food we held him to have him vaccined.he cried likes we wrong did him and stopped cry just after his mother held him from my arms.then i held him to deposit for his graduate education.the branch of the bank,communication bank of china,was under refurnishment and we were told to another branch cross 2 streets.there 3 windows stopped service as a common phenomeno in china stateowned bank.and the rest window quened each with 2 or 3 persons but the handling process went very slowly.i waited about half of an hour to let 2 women finished.in our back under the window facing the street herds the aged,who can't find place with warming utensil and can gather,as a common phenomeno in north china.my baby on my shoulders sometimes got irritated.when my turn arrived i was told the magnetism of the deposit book turned too weak and i had to fetch my id card and my baby's id card or our residential book to rebuild our deposit book.i argued its their fault but without any effect.its the last day of our monthly deposit and i was told i was left one day to deposit duely otherwise missing one compensating two month.i hated my baby's mother's delaying,but i hated more the stagnant process of china stateowned banks.i just fed up with quene and slow process.on the way back to home i complained to my baby how chinese lived with all these dog shits.after returned i handed my baby to the old woman and fetch certification as demand and went there again.a dog in yellow coat just closely near me and biting.he was first on the farest window from the one i handled but he followed me and sat on the chair i should sit when i dealing.i intended to test my worry and found 4 or 5 internet cafes all stuffed.that only indicated how many idle young men awaiting jobs.
bye.i m timing.i love u as usual.kiss u with coming snow white.

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