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Saturday, December 02, 2006

sunny almost all day.

i got up at 10:02 am.last night i read bible lately.i read luk.before
the night i had finsihed read john.demons left me for quite sometimes
when i read.last night near the door of my baby's mother's school,men
haunted us likely demons,they let my buttock painful but the pain
disappeared after i read.i went to see my baby after i got up.i
fetched the remain bag of rice.when i arrived,a young man sat in the
room left me doubting if he's my kid brother.then i found the kid
sister of my baby's mother's mother.they just arrived before me.the
young man was her first son in her first marriage,whose family name is
liu.i held my baby playing on the balcony soon.then his mother
returned.lunch was fried beef.then i went to shower.my baby's mother
left to hand in a form as her homework.in the afternoon the liu
babbled a lot with the eldest sister while his mother seldom
talked.later the atmospher was thick dirty and i left to surf in the
aim to modify my blog in memory of my grand father at
http://faezrland.blogspot.com but dog hamper me to open it while i can
open my baby's mother's web album.
its not bad a day for me and my baby.the old woman praised a lot on my
baby,in good and in ill.i left them quietly after kiss my baby in his
mother's arms.the newcomers in an close room leting the young son to
test his new coat his mother brought him.
bye.i love u.kiss u with snow white.

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