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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

pale morning sunshine.

i got up at 10:20 am.dog last night bited lately,including the couples
from hunan prov.,south of china,they trying to peek into my baby's
situation.they have a baby son too.after woke up i stayed on bed
listening radio for awhile,on which elabrating ccp's cardres attracted
a lot of fishing service to let them comsume at cost of public budget
in the title of fishing.after getting up i jogged in the room and
found my murmur in silence in my heart.i was restored to silence when
i m alone.endure and hope like the firefly in summer night,waving and
blinking.i challenge nobody,except ur decision to keep mute to my
craving for u.my prosperous offspring and kingdom r right in the
reality in the future timespace as actual being now.what i enduring
and looking forward to is the pleasure u will bring to me,like fresh
water from deepest valley.i do felt frustrated sometimes,but that's
the recharging process for igniting fresh fighting will.
at lunch i sat a table with 5 girls or women.when a tall girl passed
me from my back i noticed her.i don't know if she was the tall and
strong girl i refered last time but i liked her at once.when she left
and passed by me i notice her leaving again without obvious notice.she
didn't eat lunch there,but just arrived and soon left.i need a girl,i
longing for love with girl.god know this.maybe i m no young,maybe i m
too fatigured.
bye.i love u.kiss u.

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