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Thursday, November 30, 2006

pale sunny morning

i woke up at 8:04 am and got up at 10:21 am.last night was not so peaceful for me.but i slept sound as usual.in morning dog still biting and i had to urined once.i dreamed my college girlfriend whose family name is liu,and left me after 1 year when we r sophermore.i dreamed she showed me her shot of movie of my being mad in unversity.so i was told even when i was mad in my 20s'.after dream i found its wrong.i was sound in my 20s'.another alumni,wenxiong(civil male) appeared in my dream and tried to relate she and me.she gave me and wangbin(king's army),a guy from northeast of china,her notes to show her fondness.after woke up and meandered in the room i doubting if i was forced to dream this by the neighbor hooligans,i always guessed one of them should under family name of liu.lius now phenotype in nowaday china,after their sibs of liushaoqi,the ccp's adhesive and kkb's(i mean secret security force) head and died after torture.they appeared among the obvious higher social ladder.
i likely had not more to utter.silence covers me with due peace when i was alone.u can enjoy ur peace so far,but only with me u can find final peace.i hope ur hair's wave can touch me sooner and i will taste ur lips with ice cold.i love u.kiss u with bright.bye.

btw,post entitled 'sunny morning,gloomy afternoon' posted Nov 29 there is a line reads:'last night in a dream my worry of my blogs was hijacked by dog was replied,i dreamed in a school or someplace in very haste i tried to test if my blogs' pages returned to me in internet cafes was from a faked website cocted by cops and redirected.' in which 'cocted' should be 'concocted'.'faked' better replaced with 'forged'.i mean cop hijacking domain of world into its cheating domain,just like many internet criminal categoried in title of 'fishing' in chinese.however criminal can only cheating user with familiar domain but in fact different domain while dog can hijacked ur page requests and returned u fake page.
another line within the post reads 'its the last day of our monthly deposit and i was told i was left one day to deposit duely otherwise missing one compensating two month.'i quite sometimes think in chinglish,so here 'compensating' should be 'penalized'.the bank ruled missing a month due deposit of fix term saving and withdraw wholesome,u had to deposit one more month to get the due profits.i guess.

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