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Monday, November 27, 2006

sparse morning sunshine,turned thicker in the afternoon

i got up at 8:59 am and headed to see my baby son at once.first time i forgot to fetch my pda with me.in the way i can't help doubting if my baby and his mother ok now that dogs losing to their baseline.later at noon his mother told me she attempted to buzz me last night but was interrupted by a need to shit and then forgot it.she suffered faint when went to lavatory and almost fell to ground.i know that's caused by animosity of dog.my baby avoided me in the old woman's arms and accepted me after i uncoated and cleaned my cold nose.he sat on my shoulders for quite some time and later asked to play with tapwater which let the old woman very agonized.when its past 10:40 i had to stopped my baby who intensively cried for contest not letting him playing water for he wet his clothes and let the old woman really at a loss.i in a hurry put on my baby and held him outside to receive his mother.he slept on my shoulders after i toddled some time on the road near the school,still sobbing.his mother sometimes lost temper to me and demanded me seeing my baby less frequent.after lunch we had our baby a shower with the volumn of water capable of 3 persons.our baby really enjoyed it and loathed to leave the basin,but his mother fussy with coldness.we played awhile after his mother left.then my baby tended to feel boring.so i started to sing with my highest pitch and he gradually dozed on my shoulders.he slept for about an hour in my songs.the old woman left when i switched singing to whistling.soon my baby woke up and i felt nicer to hold him haunting new place than staying home.so we launched.we visited a supermarket titled shenlong(cult dragon) where i bought him candy,sausage and jelly.we rambled along the busy road and when passing a district with baby playing tools he asked to play on the slide board.we ate sausage and candy and jelly at once and ate a lot.for its chilly we entered another supermarket where we didn't buy.both market attendants let me sensed my shabby financial position.we also ported in the grocer near his mother's school.when we played with the mirror of the electronic door of the school 2 little girls of my baby's colleagues' daughter opened the door and we followed in,but the watchdog left his room to let us leave.i quarreled with the man and stayed there.his mother angered to me when heard our story.my baby however was not seriously chilled.after dinner i let his mother know i updated her blog and picasaweb album basing shots the day before yesterday on her notebook while our baby looked aside and happy.the net was speedy and we can watch her youtube video online and i commented maybe dog avoid her but only hacking me.i asked for an apple to bring back to dorm,and 3 bag of milk she disliked.that's our happy day today.

i love u.last night i felt u r likely under deep threat for ur love to me.i love u and hope u can let me know ur scent.kiss u with snow white.
new moon represents my heart for u tonight,which i let my baby seen in the dusk.

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