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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

propitious night

i returned to my baby's mother's home after posted in the cafe i first
time visited.my gmail was blocked to composite email two days even i
can see its interface.when click on compositing email it popups err
messages.that's dog's show.on the way a cop car passed by me and i
know its really that all the cafe was under dog's surveilance.my baby
welcome my return and immediately asked for my caress.he played with
tapwater all the time before we went out to receive his mother.the old
woman aside urged us not to play with water for sometimes and using
her will to force me think the way of religion and god.my baby lately
also asked to play with cooking utility and i demonstrated him using
knife to slice cabbage.he refused to go out to receive his mother but
i in a haste put him up.on the way he let me haunted on the cross of
the road for some time,then he fell into sleep near the school.we
entered the school yard till saw his mother near the entrance of the
teaching building.at dinner i again full filled.i inquired the price
of apple and in doubt if i can take an apple with me.i left but
returned for forgeting fetching mags his mother needn't any more,and
his mother offered an apple for me with the mags.
dog even hacked files on my udisk.i had a larger udisk from my baby's
wife's mp3 player,which had not a writeproof lock buttom and torpark
on it failed to open any google sites and livejournal.com.but with
torpack from my writeproof udisk i surfed swiftly.they hacked me
recently heavily just before i was ready to logout.they let me paid
more by forcing the web responded slowly to my logout.they succeeded
for 3 or 4 times when i surfed in the cafe charges according half of
an hour as a unit.last night i almost lost temper and complained it to
my baby's mother when she buzzed in for daily bless,saying dog now
descends to hooligan behavior.she let me shut up and i did.with dog,u
can't expect any humanity.
bye.i love u.kiss u with moonlight.

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