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Friday, December 01, 2006

gloomy morning,sunny afternoon.

last afternoon i spent 5 hours to backup my blogs after httarck was
suggested by google blog group and in the process i knew i was hacked
to be slow to download but at least i think its working so i just
waited.then after 5:15 pm i ready to leave for dinner and i started to
stop httrack and logout of my google then the pc of the cafe hanged
and beeped,mimicing hardware failure,letting all my waiting in
ruin.dog really now lost their basic politeness and policy and
police.after returned to dorm i felt bitter with pity,and in my baby's
mother's call i commented dog fell into hooligan.i read awhile in the
dorm after dinner then i decided to see my baby after the need haunted
me for some time and challenged me.i arrived there after 8 pm,i
guess.my baby just being held by his mother playing on ground near the
cooking area.he asked for my caress at once.and i held him playing
tapwater as he asked.the old woman sat in front of the tv
watching,seemingly the owner of the house.his mother later felt boring
and went to bed,after i suggested her to play with her notebook but
she refuted.i backup my downloads to the old pc then powered it
down.my baby spared no effects to beat the keyboard and switch the
power button of the monitor.when we againt playing with tapwater her
mother lost her temper and held our baby back and demanded my leave.i
knew the old woman challenged us in silence.when i started to clean
myself while my baby was milked by his mother,he again catched me and
asked to play with tapwater.later he was calmed by his mother and fell
into sleep and i also slept.in dawn i dreamed of my second elder
brother and second elder sister,and my nephew taking drags in the
dream.my eldest sister commited suicide by throwing herself into
changjiang river in a summer night when i was at grade 2 in middle
school.that's the deepest dent in my heart for i love her so much.so
her son and daughter lived in our home for quite some years till their
father later fetched them home.my baby was put on by his mother early
for me,and we ate breakfast bought by the old woman.my baby asked for
my caress as soon as he getting up with only a shirt.i love him so
much and got up immediately.all morning i held him playing tapwater or
toddled in the rooms.when we all felt boring and i started to sing he
slept on my shoulders and later in my arms.when its 11 am we went to
receive his mother.he asked me buying him a icecream.in the afternoon
we sometimes ate nuts sometimes playing tapwater.the group monitor of
my once working place buzzed in at about 2:30 pm to let me fetch rice
dispatched by qrrs,my once working place.i carried a bag to my baby's
mother's home with my bike and left a bag there for tomorrow to carry.
later the grandmom arrived and my baby was sleeping in my arms.the
sisters talked and forced me again think in the way of god and
religion.i then know there is no way to testimony me among men,but god
and his gospels.the grandmom left soon after caressed my baby some
time while i busy with backup my recent blog to my pda.when we went to
receive his mother,some men haunted around us.we ate a stick of sugar
gourd and enjoyed it.that's our grand day.
today the 2 cafe near the dorm zone all increased its price for 1.5
yuan an hour.china likely steered into inflation now.but the stock
market still bubbling,recording high again and again and the office
media still hosting bubbling commentators to bubble it.and my baby's
mother was lured to try fund agency service.shits.i warned her but in
vain,like all my disappointings to her.she just being narrow minded
and hopelessly stupidly stubborn.
bye.i love u.the moon now very round and large.i love u in her
serenity.kiss u with coming snow.

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