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Sunday, November 12, 2006

afternoon snow finally let it like a real snow of winter.

when i left the cafe at noon its snowing and continously in the
afternoon.i roamed in the snow in the tree yard of the dorm zone.some
little students there attending class there sliding on the ice and let
me befirended.i toddled for about an hour.snow gathered on my suite
but it didn't wet it.then i returned room and wandering and
wondering.later i listened radio on bed.then read autobiography of
Margaret Hilda Thatcher,the former primer of uk.till 4:20 pm i laid it
down and ready to left for dinner.after dinner i sorted my family
email list within my gmail and most of the an hour passed.now i m
ready to leave.dog's biting restlessly.
bye.i love u.my seat near the lavatory which is smelly.so i wouldn't
kiss u.the white snow blesses u.its so refreshing,so ehchanting.thx

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