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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

all day sunny.

the air is warm.the sky is clear.i went to the library of qrrs to
borrow 3 copies of pc magzines.i read one of it thoroughly in the
sunshine in room.dogs bited around when i read.the cafe's boss likely
a dog.last time he pretending sleeping on the chair on my back and
laid a leg on a stool pointed me.that and other dogs in the cafe let
me unconfortable for all the time i surfed there.this time he peeked
his head around me and retreated when catched sight of me far from the
sight of the recept desk of the cafe.dogs just out of their track.

its a busy afternoon for me,for i kept reading till dinner time.in
fact i almost forgot the time to dinner.but i m also at leisure,for pc
magzine entertained me.at dinner there r quite some young girls likely
lodged middle school students of qrrs' middle school.i don't hesitate
a second to sit aside the table they sat.they r just so eyes

dogs biting now.i had not so much to utter now.i just felt its a long
time in today and felt relaxed by tomorrow's visiting my baby son.i
love life like this,no matter how lonely my heart in search for
girls,in searching u.

bye.i will do some reading on web.i love u.kiss u with lightened heart.

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