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Sunday, November 12, 2006

pale morning,now snowing.

i woke up after 7 am and started to listen radio at 9:18 am.in the dawn i dreamed one of my once colleague named xiaxiaodan(summer little red),who shown the caligraphy of his father,likely named xiaqing(summer cyan),who experted at handwriting and crave and also a worker's model medalist as being a middle school teacher for qrrs' school as i known.the grandson and granddaughter busy practising handwriting under his influence.then i in a sports yard and i jogged on the track and found soccor training team.then some young men playing poker on the yard.they r likely offspring of wellbeing and gangsters,both have lots of leisure time.then their wifes replaced them to playing there and they shifted to a table farer the side of the yard to play.dogs biting while i stayed on bed listening radio and then i recalled ur possible interaction with me.i got up near 10 am.
after lunch i here busy with sorting my contacts list,mainly my own and my son and his mother's email accounts.i likely to exceed 1 hour here this time even i felt sorry.but in fact with the 50 yuan from my once working place i didn't bankrupt my budget of lodge and board.
the snow likely stopped.i hope she can help me clean my hot brain with contnuous snowing.
bye.i love u.kiss u with cool.

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