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Monday, November 13, 2006

started to uncomparable sunshine in afternoon.

i got up at 9:13 am.i dreamed temporarily lived in a family with a son and a daughter and their parents.my elder brother and our once old bull also appeared in my dream.after woke up i knew my second elder brother and my second elder sister endured the hardest time in our grand father's youth as well as the new republic and they had the will and reservation for a boarder dream not paler than mine.
when i arrived my baby received me happily.but he cried to refuse my kissing his leg but i did on my own.i held him playing the basin in which there r some used water.he messed up all cook utensils available.he slept on my shoulders when its near 10:30 am and woke up when his mother returned at 11:30 am.after lunch we haunted outside as i suggested to shot.we went to sports yard where a crowd of elemental school students there and watched us shotting.after returned home i busy with sorting the sd card while his mother milked him.when his mother left for her school he approached me to ask for my attending him.all afternoon he insisted my caress him to play.we really had a good time even i frequently want to continue my work on pc.he slept when its 3:30 pm on my neck for an hour.i sang a lot when he sleeping.we watched tv peacefully after he woke up till his mother returned.then i busy with backup shots to my udisk.after dinner i left and ported here to write u and published our shots.
bye.i love u.kiss u with bright.hope the snow bring u clean and clear mind.

btw, the post titled 'pale morning,now snowing. ' posted on Nov. 12 including a line reads 'who shown the caligraphy of his father,likely named xiaqing(summer cyan),who experted at handwriting and crave and also a worker's model medalist as being a middle school teacher for qrrs' school as i known.',in which the 'crave' should be 'carve',i meant seal carving,in chinese zhuanke.

for blogger was blocked by chinese dogs.u can still read it via my google doc.
my blog from 2006.8.10--11.9
my blog update after 20066.11.9

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