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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

beautiful sunshine.

i woke up at 8:03 am and started to listen radio when its just to 9:00
am.dogs let me urgent to make water but i held it till after 8 am.the
economic channel of beijing's centual radio reporting iron demands
slumping and retail price of agriculture and house increasing.but the
stock market soaring.i always felt puzzled when the cpc claimed from
their sovereign the country was a whole unity and all property share
and all member of the people r workers of the country,how can it
breeds so many stockholders.these interest groups or blocks or dots
within the unity or outside of the unity and bargain with the unity?if
within the unity,if the one unity died?if its outside of the unity
then from the start the unity was not a unity,but a dominating one
with other unities.if the prc was a mighty master with arm force,how
can its servants,those high rank cardres with well salary,hold their
restrains not to steal the property of his master,esp. when now they
earn high salary and bargain in the stock market with stateowned
enterprises' stateowned shares,ie the master,and those free
enterpreneurs and foreigh investors, with their salary as their
capital? or if the new products as surplus of the unity and dispersed
among its members including the master and its servants according to
their contributions,as the marxism claimed the source of the commence
of private property,who will judge the distribution righteous? i
always felt the china stock market just a unreal cheating arena to
money laundry the stealing cardres' theft.i only know russia dispersed
all stateowned enterprise equally to its people and after that can be
a free market to be found,and i think that's probably the only way to
deal with china's stateowned property.
bye.i love u.kiss u with bright.

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